high temperature deep groove ball bearings FAQS

QWhat's the seal solution of high temerature deep groove bearing ?

AHigh temperature deep groove ball bearings can be protected from contamination by either integrated shields, external shields or a combination of both. For high temperature bearings, metallic shields are the primary recommendation where a capping device with low complexity is required. The shields: prevent the ingress of solid contaminants into the bearing are non-contacting generate no friction do not wear are particularly well suited for high temperatures because of their material and design

QHow high degree high temperature bearings standand ?

Ahigh temperature bearings and bearing units are designed to deliver increased reliability, reduced complexity and decreased environmental impact in operating temperatures up to 350 °C (660 °F). Because SKF high temperature bearings correspond to the ISO dimensions of grease-lubricated bearings, production efficiencies and cost savings can be realized with a simple change to the SKF bearing solution. The environmental benefits of SKF high temperature bearings are so significant in many applications that they are included in the "SKF Beyond Zero" product portfolio.

QWhat's the lubrication solutions of high temperature bearing ?

Ahigh temperature bearing designs and variants incorporate various graphite-based lubrication solutions, including: lubricating paste composed of a polyalkylene glycol/graphite mixture graphite cages (segmented or coronet) For an overview of lubricant types, and other characteristics, for high temperature deep groove ball bearings and insert bearings and ball bearing units, During operation, the graphite maintains a very thin film on the bearing’s raceways and rolling elements to reduce wear significantly. Graphite ages at a much higher temperature than oil and grease, and therefore does not lose its lubricating properties at the high temperatures at which it is recommended for use, so the need for relubrication is eliminated. With many variants, all surfaces of the bearing and, where applicable, shields and flingers are manganese phosphate coated to enhance adhesion of the lubricant to the metal and provide some protection against corrosion.

QWhat's the operating environment of high temperature bearing ?

Ahigh temperature bearings are designed to provide solutions to common issues in high temperature applications. In addition to operations involving high temperatures and low rotational speeds, it is important to consider environmental conditions in the process area. Since high temperature bearings are supplied without preservative oils and must be used without grease or oil lubrication, the anti-corrosion property of the bearings is limited. Therefore, the bearings should be used in a dry environment or with a proper sealing solution to keep the bearings dry.